Zeldman on Design vs. Style.

“Many young web designers view their craft the way I used to view pop culture. It’s cool or it’s crap. They mistake Style for Design, when the two things are not the same at all. Design communicates on every level. It tells you where you are, cues you to what you can do, and facilitates the doing. Style is tautological; it communicates stylishness. In visual terms, style is an aspect of design; in commercial terms, style can communicate brand attributes.”


Aaron Draplin on being an approachable designer

“When I met designers and graphic designers and artists and artisans and, sort of, like, these cultural elites, it was this instantaneous, like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t even hang with these people…’ You got this sense of, like, you couldn’t hang with these people. So that’s always scared me about building some life in design. I don’t ever want to be unapproachable.”

Aaron Draplin