James Clear on What You Want

In this episode Chase and NYT bestselling author James Clear pull apart the question “what do you want!?” and discuss life after success (and how James got there).


  • 7:46 what it has been like to become successful. How he began.
  • 10:03 James’ worry for content creators.
  • 15:10 the challenge of relevancy.
  • 21:02 “Volume/consistency before intensity.”
  • 27:10 “I’m starting to think the most important thing is to know what you want.”
  • 29:00 Where we waste our energy: chasing status symbols, continuing status quo.
  • 31:27 Let your life speak by Parker Palmer
  • 32:15 what makes a good answer to the question: what do I want?
  • 36:04 The enneagram.
  • 44:55 On setting directions instead of goals.
  • 50:23 James’ minimal travel setup
  • 51:07 Big if true: every thought you have is downstream of what you consume.
  • 58:21 “Life is short, but it’s also long… and you have to live with your choices.” See also: “life begins after 40. Before that it’s just research.”

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