Neil Peart on the Good Feeling

“Now still I love playing Tom Sawyer because it’s still hard. It’s still a good feeling when I do it right.”

Neil Peart

This documentary was too goddam good not to fucking cuss about it. Shit. Some more little fuckin’ nuggets:

After massive success, Geddy Lee talks about why they kept experimenting:

“We had to find the better rush” ~ Geddy Lee

And again:

“We realized after time that there was a core of our fanbase that was as curious about where we were going as we were. And those are the ones that sustained us, you know, through all these years.” ~ Geddy Lee

When Neil Peart felt dissatisfied with his drum skills he sought out a teacher in Freddie Gruber, learning about the movements between hits:

“The approach to what you do results in what you get, you understand? {kung fu hand waggle}” ~ Freddie Gruber

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