Who Can Be An Entrepreneur

What kinds of people would you say are “built for independence” was the question. Here’s my answer:

  1. Anyone can make something they like and care about and learn a few skills to sell it for a buck at a swap meet or farmers market or on a website. It might be a bracelet or a desktop background or iPhone app or door stopper or coaster or electric motorcycle or whatever… Time was when we were all business men and women, it just looked like being a shepherd or a cobblestoner or a carpenter or a basket weaver or a fisherman, etc.
  2. Not everyone can support their family and lifestyle by creating a business out of their thing they like to make. It takes hard work, grit and tenacity that many people aren’t willing to put up with.
  3. Some things are best served when they aren’t something you need to make money from. I’m reminded of a good Alan Watts quote here.
  4. Some people really, truly thrive in the role of creating an independent lifestyle doing something they care about. These people look back at their cubicle days with horror in their hearts because, like the caged lion who got free, they’ve rediscovered what they were created for, what’s in their DNA. I don’t know if this could be the case for everybody, but it’s been the case for me and for the people I serve.

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