(Vintage) Merlin Mann on Life Hacks

I’ve suffered most of my life from chronic concentration problems and different flavors of mental restlessness, so I have a substantial history of what I call ‘”‘critical encoding errors.’ I’m attracted to this stuff like a drunk preacher is to the pulpit; explaining it to others — inasmuch as my modest skills allow — becomes a way for me to internalize some of the processes as well as better understand why they work in my own head.

As to where I get my material, virtually everything on my site is stolen uncredited from friends and strangers who are too polite to call out my larceny.”

Merlin Mann

This interview is a great reminder of how much Merlin captured my attention at that tender time of my first project management position. He bamboozled me with the mix of wit and jargon and “holy shit that’s useful”-ness. Still does.

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