The Most Remarkable Look

The most remarkable look I’ve ever seen was the face of my wife when labor started to really set in on our first son.

We were about 54 hours in (Yes, 54 hours) and something switched. It was no longer “grin and bear it.” It became more of a “THE FUCK!?” kind of thing.

That’s when she looked up at me with these doe eyes, like a deer in headlights. It all became a bit too much and a confused 2 year old inside her locked eyes with the only face in the room she recognized.

It’s been 4 years since that look and we’re about to see it again.

With our first son we’ve already come through hell and high water — though I’m sure there’s plenty of clamor and chaos to survive through yet.

Through all of my love and mania and businessing and scheming and partnering and filming and designing and relationshipping that look cuts through, reminds me what matters.

Sometimes you have to find a familiar face and latch on. I hope I can be that face for Mellisa, Aiden and the soon to arrive Rowan. Wish us luck.

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