The Foolscap Method: Get it on One Piece

‘God made a single sheet of foolscap to be exactly the right length to hold the outline of an entire novel.’ (foolscap is 8.5 x 14 inch legal paper)


Outline the sucker.

Break it down to its fundamentals.

Identify its theme.

Do it on one page. Do it without preciousness. Do it now.

Don’t start the actual writing until you know where you’re going and what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Stephen Pressfield

I think for the first time I just read a thing and knew full well it was going to change the way I worked forever.

This tip has that “ugh, duh! goddamit, of course” quality; like something in me already knew it was true, I just needed someone to articulate it for me.

As I’m in the middle of creating a large and {hopefully) important course for business builders, this tip is about 4 days late.

But I’ll be prepared for next time. (I’ll try that one and go for these if I like it more than using blank printer paper).

One piece of paper… hand written. Duh!

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