Paul Graham on the 2 Things Your Site Must Do

“The vast majority of people who visit your site will be casual visitors. It’s them you have to design your site for. The people who really care will find what they want by themselves.

The median visitor will arrive with their finger poised on the Back button. Think about your own experience: most links you follow lead to something lame. Anyone who has used the web for more than a couple weeks has been trained to click on Back after following a link. So your site has to say “Wait! Don’t click on Back. This site isn’t lame. Look at this, for example.”

There are two things you have to do to make people pause. The most important is to explain, as concisely as possible, what the hell your site is about. […] the other […] is to give people everything you’ve got, right away.

In the best case these two suggestions get combined: you tell visitors what your site is about by showing them.”

Paul Graham

Sounds pretty simple. It will always be easier to design your site if what you do/offer is interesting.

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