My dad’s letter to Rowan

My dad just signed up on facebook to make this post. Up to now he’s only ever written abbrvtd e-males, so this is pretty special. “pretty cool,” as he would say.

“Introduction to your Dad” by Scott Reeves (Chase’s dad)

Dear Rowan,

I know you didn’t have much of a chance to know your Dad so thought I’d introduce you to him. Your father, Chase Wardman Reeves was born May 22, 1982. He was our first son, so incredible energy, Love and anticipation so much so that both our families (Reeves and Chappell’s) united together in the hospital waiting room turning the waiting room into a full- hospitality suite including a full bar and food for celebration(s) to share with all other families waiting for their new borns. Totally unheard of (disallowed for sure) at the time and appreciated by ALL! Long party though, had no idea your Dad would take so long to be born.

Our Doctor throughout your Dad’s pregnancy was out of town during his birth so we were dealing with an unknown Doc and although you didn’t get a chance to know it your Dad has always done things his way. The day of his birth he wanted it the hard way for his Mom, (Lindy) insisting on a tough 30 hour labor test but what your Dad didn’t realize at the time was his mother had the same pig headed determination and strength! I was just blessed to be part of something special that ultimately has made us eternally proud.

Raising your Dad felt like being pulled in thru the big end and out the small numerous times as your father with his endless energy was and still is hell bent to do it all! Seems he grew up so quick having difficulty figuring out what he wanted to do or be. Was it; being our #1 athlete in our family (your Dad was really good!), transforming to an unreal talented artist and musician or was it the life altering experience of finding Christianity (Shortly after picking him up at the park at night where we discussed right from wrong) or possible pastorship after college graduation? Think your Dad figured it out shortly after falling in love and marrying a beautiful woman Mellisa (your mother) and becoming a father to his first son and your brother Aiden.

It’s important for you to know that your Dad is an extraordinary devoted father and young man full of courage, smarts and heart. Your Dad has uncanny ways to know and feel what those around him are dealing with and able to console and lift them up. Special person he is with strength and compassion and I’m just sorry you didn’t have a chance to experience this part with your Dad but want you to know that I have and it’s something unique and forever will make us proud of him.

Rowan, you’ve been a major light in my life. We enjoyed our short time with you and will truly miss you but will forever Love you. May you travel far, fast and with same traits like your father.

Love you Always, Bompa

PS. Chase, Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. (KJV Proverbs 4:21)

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