Jason Fried on Online Sharing & Commerce

Everything I bought was from someone who had taught me something… So I started thinking, ‘what if we started sharing the way these chefs shared?’”

Jason Fried

Jason reminded me of the basics in this video. Making and sharing things online is the cheapest advertisement you can get.

And it can do more than just “get eyeballs”… it builds trust, understanding, a kind of friendship.

I’ve been blogging in some kind of way for the past 6 or so years. I had no hopes or plans about it early on; I just liked to write things that made people laugh and think.

Now I do it for a living… professionally it’s called “content creation,” but it’s the same ol’ shit: making stuff that teaches something people want to learn (and entertains wherever possible).

It feels new to hear Jason say it like this, like I somehow guessed right several years ago when I wrote random things here and there that earned a few comments.

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