Hungry, Open, Grateful

It creeps in very subtle, and before I know it my thoughts are colored. They look entitled, they look lazy and cocky, wriggling out of the hard work.

It’s not hard to get to a place where people look up to you, and it’s real easy to let that color your thoughts.

Somehow I need to get it again, every morning: be hungry, be open, be grateful.

  • Be hungry: you’re a caveman and this is about survival. Whichever tiger you choose to fight, it’s you or him – one’s not walking away.
  • Be open: you don’t know it all, know it all. Have a kid, learn a language, roll with the punches. When you think you know it all you get brittle and needy, controlly.
  • Be grateful: there’s breath in your lungs (take a breath), a woman by your side (don’t fuck it up), a son trying new stuff every day, parents and a brother who are way better than shitty, people you care about and who care about you. Don’t let the tiger or the getting of the tiger get you in a way that you miss this stuff.

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