Brad Feld on the Most Challenging Thing

“The most challenging thing for a young entrepreneur is to think long-term.

When you are 22 years old, it’s hard to think in 22-year increments since that’s as long as you’ve been alive. But it’s really important to view your life as an entrepreneur as a long journey that consists of many short-term cycles. It’s relatively easy to focus on the short-term cycle, such as the 90 days of an accelerator program; it’s a lot harder to think about the next decade and how what you are doing today impacts where you want to be ten years from now.”

Brad Feld

The concept of the long haul has been bouncing around in me for a while. But no one’s made me think about it quite the way Mr. Feld has.

For more from him (and on this concept) check out this interview. This was my introduction to Mr. Feld… I became an instant groupie.

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