That’s not bullshit. That’s big and heavy and cool.

I have a friend who started a blog recently. I was talking with him about finding the center of his message, the brand as it were. I read a thing this morning that reminded me of him. So I emailed it to him and decided to post it here as well.

This is what I want from you (if I was completely selfish, didn’t think about what you wanted, etc., only thought about what I want from you): to do the hard work of educating me about real justice issues, real lifestyle changes I can make to live more justly.

Read this:

Caterina is really, really smart. She’s a business lady who does really smart, social-minded startups.

In reading this I realized I need someone to teach me about today’s justice issues.

All 30 year old’s want to live rightly, understanding tough issues, confronting our own racism, confronting whether or not the whole conversation is inherently too conservative, whether or not this “we all have the opportunity to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps” thing is total horse shit, whether or not urban kids were put in that position by their dead-beat parents or if it’s a systems thing.

And I need you to be able to bridge the gap for me.

Cuz i’m wearing topsiders, my grampa worked his ass off, I have a rental property.

I’m on one side of the conversation. But I have heart. I’m willing to learn and see and change.

But I’m not smart enough.

I care, but I don’t care enough.

Cuz I have my own shit to do.

Should I buy Tom’s shoes and call it a day? Smile to myself while I finger-stir my G&T?

That’s a thing I want to be a part of. That’s a thing I would rally around you for. It’s not cheezy. It’s not bullshit. It’s big and heavy and cool.

— Chase Reeves

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