Podcasts I’m Listening to

Here’s a list of podcasts I’m currently listening to.

Back To Work: Merlin Mann, or “Pappy”, on work. Well, mostly on blood glucose levels and making your own carbonated water, but there’s a little about work in there. It’s worth it. The first 5-10 episodes are excellent, if I’m remembering correctly.

WTF: Marc Maron, a long time comedian, interviews other comedians. I’ve been listening to this one for almost 3 years—always good. (note: I interview Marc Maron in one of the podcasts below).

The Big Web Show: Jeffrey Zeldman interviewing people on the web. I can’t tell if I like this one or not. Earlier episodes were great—the last several haven’t been worth it. Zeldman’s kinda phoning it in, it feels.

Social Triggers: Derek’s a friend, so I listen out of respect… but then I’m always talking about the episode later on. Great stuff in here.

Huffduffer: With this fabulous little tool you can bookmarklet pages and it will extract the audio into a feed you can subscribe to in iTunes. Great for that Louis C.K. interview on NPR or to test the thing you’re not sure you want to subscribe to.

A podcast I’m running

I’m releasing a lil’ podcast myself. Matterful.co is where I’ll be dropping lil’ audio nuggets.

If you want to find out more about it, listen to the first episode where I interview Marc Maron. That gets into the back story.

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