How to Communicate Market Leadership

A client recently asked me this question and I want to share my response.

“How can we communicate major authority, that we are the “de facto” leader in this space?”

Good question. I listened to an interview with Ramit Sethi yesterday — his outlook always grounds me back into what matters (in an industry full of butt-plug headlines and ‘149 unbelievable business insights that will ninja-kick your blown mind into unmatched glory/shame India virtual assistant work from home photoshop download!’.

He was talking about how his goal isn’t short term revenue, it’s long term revenue, not sales today but buyers for life.

Of course, he has the luxury of thinking like this. Why? Because his products are built on TONS of research, feedback, proof, results. He can be as strong in the messaging and marketing about his products as he wants, he can spend as much money on marketing and advertising as he wants, because he knows the shit is the shit.

There’s design that builds trust, differentiates, communicates effectively, feels fresh. There’s design that feels quality and strong and well thought through. Your site will be all of those things. In some ways this is the “Market Leader” element you’re asking about. But I think the real “market leader” feel comes from the degree of confidence, boldness, honesty you get to utilize in your customer interaction… because it’s proven. Like Ramit.

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