Short film and song — Coastin’

This weekend we rented a beautiful cabin on the coast of Oregon. Andy, Zach, Mellisa, Aiden and I.

I wanted to try to film on my Canon 7D without a lens attached. So I tried. With one hand I held the lens and tried to adjust the focus with my finger. In the other hand I held the camera.

It was hard to get a solid, focused image, but it created a beautiful, washed out kind of look.

During Aiden’s nap on saturday I took the iPhone and guitar into the bedroom to create a moody song for the video. I used the iPhone microphone to record the guitar parts, added an organ drone, violá!

Hope you dig it. Now, with DSLRs and iPhones we can all pretend we live in Tumblr every day!

Download the song: I Need it Most

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