Chrysler’s latest commercials are perfect.

The world is full of HORRIBLE commercials.

You’re right, Samsung, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a phone I can take video on while simultaneously snapping pictures WHILE SKYDIVING THANK YOU FOR FINALLY MAKING A PHONE WORTH BUYING YOU GUYS ARE SO IN TUNE!!!1!

In that world, these commercials from Chrysler (I believe all by W+K) are exceptional. Story, grit, pride, the perception of authenticity…

In a world of shit products and shit marketing those who can turn product into story and story into something I already am and can be more a part of will die with smiles.

My only bummer with this one is the dumb synth strings. If that was real strings in a real room this thing is tears and fist pumping.

The bellman’s nod. The flag flying.

Humble beginnings are… humbling. Too bad they couldn’t get a deep track for this one as well. Probably only meant for a small, Portland audience.

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