A Valuable Product vs. The Best Possible Product

In light of the wide range of good I wrote an email to someone this morning that needed correcting. I was on my way to writing, “… then you can make the best possible product for your audience,” and stopped myself. Instead I wrote, “… then you can make a valuable product for your audience.”

The difference between the two is vast. When I’m looking to make the best possible product I’m sweaty and lusty and over-confident and ashamed of not knowing more and terrified of not being successful and anxious… very anxious.

When I’m looking to make something valuable I’m thoughtful, insightful, patient, confident, joyful, humble and earnest. I’ve got an audience, I get to serve them, I understand them, and there’s a wide range of potential outcomes and, due to the fact that I’m a hard worker and have good taste, most of those potential outcomes are Good™.

If you want to make the best possible product, start by making something valuable. Then keep making it better.

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