A story you believe in

13 assassins ready to die

We will do our best work when we can ply our trade along the arc of a story we believe in. If you can work your craft towards a “greater cause” your work will be greater.

I’ve been digging and spinning and circling and trying to find a story I believe in that I can put my back behind for the next 20 years.

To be sure, when Jesus and I broke up it took the wind out of the “this way for the rest of my life” sails. (I called him the other day, BTW, just to catch up. He still laughs at my jokes. We’ll see.) It was nice to have a default answer.

So I had to go back to digging and thinking and spinning and circling and trying… I think I’ve got something now. And it’s changing how I work. Focused.

You may not be freeing people groups from slavery or assassinating sadistic dictators but there are “greater causes” all over the place, sometimes just lying around.

Sidebar: do the work to land on a true and somewhat specific story. It’s essential that you believe in it and very helpful that it’s small-ish. Look for a villain, a Hitler, a darkness, an evil, an injustice. Something close to your heart. There are hundreds. Pick one.

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