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Chase & Mellisa Music Greatest Hits

I recently found a shit ton of music my wife and I wrote and recorded. I had forgotten about most of it. I’d like you to hear some of it.

Some of it’s from high school, where I had a band and we played in the quad, just a mess of black dickies, Mesa/Boogie half stacks and a whole lot of Braid on the mind.

Some of it’s from a couple years ago when I was trying to write and record a song everyday.

Some of it’s total shit.

Most of the tracks happened randomly and now hang out in the world like some bad tattoo I don’t regret all that much.

Just about every track has something I’m somewhat proud of… some lyric, off-time bit, recording trick, etc.

So, do me a favor and listen to the best tracks from the group: Chase & Mellisa Music Greatest Hits

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