Impossible. Regardless, Amateur Sweats Toward Dream

There’s something I love about this video showing crisp, nike-like footage of a middle-age-ish, regular-size-ish guy flubbing about with the soccer ball in one of the most prestigious football grounds in the world.

Is it because this video points to the fact we all have dreams, and, even if they’re “pie in the sky, never gonna happen” we can still indulge a little and feel some of the strain of our bones towards the stuff of legend? It’s like he’s discarding all care and concern for what’s possible, grunting slow laps around the folks who chant “This is ridiculous, you’ll never be a footballer, you’re crazy.” He pushes hard and tries regardless, all the while understanding it’s totally impossible and worth the sweat regardless. Is that why I love this video… because that kind of balance is magic?

Is it because it, at the same time, shrinks and expands the gap between the avid fan and the top-game superstar… and makes it feel like he’ll have the best beer in his life after the training session?

Is it because this guy is cute as he rolls around and jiggles and takes it all so perfectly serious?

It’s something…

Via the very svelte amateur @aaron_eddy

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