Give up on analytics, build something you love

“Give up on your analytics for a while. Make something you love instead.”

Chase Reeves

I just quoted myself, and I did it in the big quote style. So if you take anything away from this you take that quote.

I Mean It

I mean it: drop your analytics for a while. Drop your “I post 2 times a week on my blog” thing. Give up on some of the motion and activity.

Instead, fire up a cigar or strong cup of something and build something you love for your audience.

I’ve been doing this with my blog for new dads. Traffic has gone down from 5k/month to 2.5k/mo.

It hurts to see this when I open up analytics. I try not to open up analytics very often. There’s some big -23.04% looking at me.

All The Motion

All the motion, all the activity of building a couple posts a week, the post image making, the links, the code, the rigamarole, the promoting, the tweeting, the hoping for comments…

All that takes away from making something bigger and better for my peeps.

So I’m building something bigger and better for my peeps: a book-ish thing.

But I’ve got to stare at that -23.04%. So I don’t get into analytics very often. Instead, I build.

Build & Ship

And one day, if I listen to this advice, I’ll ship. And the world will be a better place.

Just a quick note about what I’m thinking about. Maybe you already built something and the analytics play a good role for you. If so, disregard, carry on ensign.

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