If Quality Matters More…

The quality of your audience matters more than the quantity. I keep needing to be reminded of this in my online ventures.

The number of visitors to your site doesn’t matter as much as who those visitors are.

The number of tweets you send out doesn’t matter.

The number of people on your email list.

The number of times you’ve heard something good about the design of your site.

None of it matters.

What matters is that you’re reaching the right people – your targeted audience.

  • the kind of people you built your product/service for,
  • the kind of people who want what you’ve got,
  • who can pay for it,
  • who’s lives will be better because of it.

That’s your target audience, they’re the only ones who matter.

If quality matters more than quantity, you’ve got to nail down who your target audience is. Remember that.

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