7 Life-Altering Blog Headline Tips To Cure Cancer

Headlines are important, maybe the most important… for SEO, but mostly for whether or not a person reads your content, clicks on your tweet link, etc.

There’s so much shit out there about writing headlines. Some of it’s good. Some of it’s just pumped full of hot air.

But here’s one tips that will always get you read: write about something interesting.

I saw a headline that was so good I was basically compelled to read it. It read: How To Feel Great Every Time You Get Dressed (link).

Don’t judge me. I think about the clothes i’m wearing often. I want to look good. This article is interesting. I click. I read.

There are some construction elements to this headline – e.g., using “how to” which makes me feel like i’ll get a tip/trick out of the post – but the real trick to this headline is that it’s about something I want the answer to.

You can’t polish a turd, people. Write better stuff, get better activity on the site.

p.s. I’m not downplaying the role of the headline here. The headline is important, always has been, always will be. Just don’t worry about the construction of the headline so much as you do about whether or not your article merits some eyeballs.

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