The Relationship Of Happiness & Ambition: huge study, short report.

I've been lucky to be a part of a worldwide study on the relationship between happiness and ambitions. Find our charty facts in the image below.

Basically, the lower your ambition the happier you are, but the more lackluster and idiot you are too. Also, these people are poor and they make their non-hippy friends uncomfortable.</p><!--more-->

<p>On the other hand, the more ambitious you are, the more succesful and acheiving you are, and the more you elude happiness, always reaching for goals and rewards. These people grow old regretting time "spent" on "too much bullshit."

This research has sparked national debate around the question: how the hell are we Americans supposed to make money AND be good at happiness?

So far the best answers have to do with starting up a company but making it "green" and "not very profitable, but a little bit."

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